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The University of Guyana's Institute for Energy Diplomacy is a research, training and advocacy unit that informs and enriches the understanding, policies and performance of Guyana’s energy market by pursuing excellence in its advanced multi-disciplinary research on major energy issues, relevant cutting edge professional training on areas of energy and active engagement with external stakeholders.


IED is dedicated to the publication of energy research based on robust quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our high-quality, impactful and timely energy research is primarily focused on Guyana’s energy market. However, IED's team is committed to developing the Institute into a spotlight for the Guyana-Suriname Basin and wider LAC region. The commercialisation of UG's energy research and development of the most trusted energy market intelligence solution are central aspects of IED’s research arm.

Professional Training

IED is the home of UG’s professional energy training. UG has worked for the last 3 years to map knowledge gaps and tailor offerings to local and nation-specific interests. The Institute leverages the experience of academic and professional organisations with bona fide and proven extensive international experience in the field of energy and oil and gas education. IED offers professional seminars and courses, ideal for persons who already possess an undergraduate degree.


The ability to advocate and influence is axiomatic to the achievement of the Institute’s mission. IED examines international approaches and strategies. We refine policy suggestions with empirical evidence and best practice to arrive at the optimal answer for our specific local context. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has restricted our engagement to the virtual world. IED will execute digital-only events subject to UG’s approval of in-person policy seminars, workshops, information sessions and conferences.

June-July Executive Courses

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