The University of Guyana's Energy Think Tank

UGETT was launched at a two-day international symposium held at The University of Guyana in June 2019.

Our Start

The rapid development of the oil sector is occurring in a green transition environment. The balancing act that must occur is the development of fossil fuel activities and the country’s current national development plan which seeks to move Guyana’s energy needs towards green and clean sources. An important area of overlap between the two intentions is the ability to use the petroleum and potential gas revenues toward accelerating the green transition. The University of Guyana Energy Think Tank was launched in June 2019 to enable evidence-based support to the sui generis challenge of making Guyana’s energy clean while developing our newfound fossil fuel resource.

UGETT Facilitators

At launch the facilitators of the Think Tank included international universities (Trent University and Arizona State University), regional organisations (CARICOM), governmental bodies and agencies (Department of Energy, Department of Environment, Guyana Energy Agency, Guyana Oil Company) and faculties of the University of Guyana (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Faculty of National Sciences). UGETT is currently affiliated with over thirty international and domestic organisations.