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Event and Presentation Highlights
Eric Parrado Herrera
Managing Natural Resource Revenues: The Case of Chile

Chief Economist and General Manager, Research Department, Inter-American Development Bank

Dr. Daniel Wilde
Understanding the Typology of Sovereign Wealth Funds and a Case Study of Timor-Leste

Commonwealth Economic Adviser, Natural Resources Division

Dr. Arnold McIntyre
Guyana’s New-Found Oil Wealth: Enhancing Economic Growth and Preserving Stability

Deputy Division Chief, Western Hemisphere, International Monetary Fund

Prof. Clive Thomas
Management of Guyana’s Petroleum Revenues and Resource Curse Mitigation

Professor of Economics, University of Guyana

Mr. Alex Armogan
The Mechanics of Guyana’s Natural Resource Fund

Interim-Director, University of Guyana's IED and UGETT

Mr. Norwell Hinds
An Overview of the Natural Resource Fund's PAOC

Senior Civic Engagement Officer, University of Guyana

Mr. Alex Armogan
and Mr. Norwell Hinds
Recap of Brain Thrust 1 on the PAOC of the NRF