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We are dedicated to the publication of energy research based on robust quantitative and qualitative analysis.

IED Analysis

The Institute for Energy Diplomacy is focused on developing premium first-hand energy research relevant to the Guyana-Suriname basin, and the wider LAC region. IED Analysis facilitates the quest for energy insights to guide resource and market development. A subscription to IED Analysis includes full-length Research Papers, expert commentaries, quarterly and annual energy reports. IED Analysis represents the robust analytical abilities of the Institute and the Energy Think Tank. The digital infrastructure, initial publications and other aspects of IED Analysis is currently being developed. Additional information on this service is forthcoming.

A premium energy intelligence service
First-hand research on the Guyana-Suriname basin
Facilitated by leading international energy organisations and universities
Limited Free Access

University of Guyana's Energy Reader

On the lower end of the research spectrum, we are launching the University of Guyana’s Energy Reader. Energy Reader is an open and quality-controlled platform. It offers shorter analysis pieces that are media-oriented and largely externally written. Published articles will be grouped into the following categories: Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Electricity and Energy Finance.  Articles and learning content will be uploaded on a biweekly basis.

Energy Reader aims for a wide readership in Latin America and the Caribbean region. This is supported by an easy-to-understand writing style guide, monthly newsletter, an integrated approach to our social media engagement and the translation of featured articles and learning content to Spanish. Contributors to our Energy Reader must comply with the publicly disclosed “The Bloomberg Way: A Guide for Reporters and Editors,” reflected in our upload checklist, and will be international experts, academics, professionals and high-achieving postgraduate students.

An open and quality-controlled platform
Biweekly energy analysis relevant to the LAC region
Free learning content and articles on Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and Electricity and Energy Finance
Past and Upcoming publications

Guyana's Oil Odyssey
Published in 2019

A Primer on the Latin America and Caribbean Energy Landscape

Oil Price Volatility: A Review of Government-Led Hedging Programs and Implications for Guyana

The Energy Transition in Fossil Fuel-Rich Countries

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The University of Guyana's Institute for Energy Diplomacy is a research, training and advocacy unit that informs and enriches the understanding, policies and performance of Guyana’s energy market by pursuing excellence in its advanced multi-disciplinary research on major energy issues, relevant cutting edge professional training on areas of energy and active engagement with external stakeholders.