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Our courses are executed via strategic partnerships with internationally recognised academic and expert individuals and entities with bona fide and proven experience in the field of energy.

The University of Guyana has pioneered domestic tertiary level education for over fifty years. Today, via its Institute for Energy Diplomacy, UG is leading the push for professional energy training to meet the evolving skills-gap. Our courses are based on the past and ongoing work done by UG and international organisations to map knowledge gaps.

IED courses have a regional appeal from the high quality of technical and non-technical offerings. We deliver practical value by offering courses with deep energy insights, cutting-edge research, analytical tools and conceptual frameworks. Join a rich network of peers and benefit from shared experiences and perspectives.

Our participant profiles include policymakers, corporate leaders, middle and senior managers from a wide functional spectrum and individuals with an undergraduate degree seeking energy-upskilling and learning.

Premium professional learning
Delivered by individuals and entities with a proven track-record in energy education
University of Guyana Certification

CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Ltd. Scholarships are available for the University of Guyana's Institute for Energy Diplomacy Executive Courses.

Scholarship students must be Local Guyanese Nationals, as demonstrated by certified birth certificate or passport and proof of address uploads. Applicants are required to provide a certified copy of an undergraduate degree or a job letter proving 5 years of related work experience. The scholarship selection process entails the submission of a personal statement and an interview administered by a University of Guyana Evaluation Committee.

Upload your personal statement when applying via Establish why you should be selected for our prestigious CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Ltd. Scholarship Award in circa 400 words. The applicant must demonstrate examples of their experiences and motivation, how the selected course is related to their field of work, how the course can impact their career plans and the contribution they can make to Guyana’s Energy Market if they receive the Institute's training.
A minimum of two scholarships per Executive Course will be prioritised to applicants from Administrative Regions 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9.

June-July Executive Courses

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Each course has less than 30 participation slots available. We urge you to prioritise your application.


Oil and Gas Value Chain Course Overview

Energy Transportation and Shipping Course Overview

Energy Markets Course Overview

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The University of Guyana's Institute for Energy Diplomacy is a research, training and advocacy unit that informs and enriches the understanding, policies and performance of Guyana’s energy market by pursuing excellence in its advanced multi-disciplinary research on major energy issues, relevant cutting edge professional training on areas of energy and active engagement with external stakeholders.